Devil’s Punch Bowl Hike

Devil’s Punch Bowl AKA Cedar Creek Falls is a 5.2 mile hike all down hill on the way to the waterfall and all up hill on the way back. We did this hike on May 23rd, 2017 and started around 9:20AM and finished around 1:00PM. We spent about an hour and a half at the waterfall. The water was pretty cold but felt nice since it was so hot out 💦 The hike down was super easy and the temperature was about 77-80 degrees. The way up was a bit tougher as the temperatures went up to about 95 degrees 🔥

📷 Here are some photos from the hike:

Devil's Punch BowlIMG_4707

How to get to Devil’s Punch Bowl:

We just put “Cedar Creek Falls” into apple maps but here is the actual address: 15531 Thornbush Road Ramona, CA 92065. Once you get to the end of Thornbush Road, the trail head is just to your left.

How to prepare for the hike:

You have to get a permit (only $10) which can be purchased here. Make sure to get it ahead of time because spots fill up quick! They only allow up to 75 permits to be sold per day. Each permit is good for up to 5 people.

When should I start my hike? 🕗 The earlier the better! The falls are much less crowded in the morning plus it’s a lot cooler so the hike won’t be as brutal! There is free parking right by the start of the hike but it fills up quick!

Can I bring my dog? 🐶 Dogs are allowed but must be leashed at all times. I would NOT recommend bringing a dog especially at this time of year because of how hot it is. As we were hiking back up the trail, temperatures were already up to 95 degrees and since I was dying on the way up, you probably don’t want to put your dog through that!

What should I bring on the hike?  🎒 I recommend wearing a hat and/or sunglasses and good hiking/trail shoes-I wore Teva’s Waterproof Arrowoods since you have to walk through 3 small streams plus they are super comfortable and great for shorter hikes like this. Also, you should bring a backpack and fill it with TONS of water, some snacks or a full lunch if you plan to stay at the water fall for a couple of hours, a light quick dry towel and bathing suit (if you plan to go in the water), and sunscreen. I also brought a camera and GoPro to get the photos in this post. Don’t forget to bring the permit you purchased and your ID’s just in case someone comes around to check!

Here are some of the products I brought in my backpack:

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