Featured Brand: Pixel Eyewear 👓

PIXEL EYEWEAR protects your eyes from any screen with their Blue Light Filter lenses! We all spend countless hours staring at screens (I know I do) and these glasses provide the most protection and comfort for your eyes so you can binge watch a full season on Netflix or work a full day on your computer with less eyestrain, less headaches, and while still lookin’ good 🙌🏽pixel_infographic_1_optThey are also made with aircraft grade plastic, are anti-glare, have an anti-scratch coating, and 100% UV protection lenses. They come in 8 different styles in tons of different color ways!

Here are a few of my favorites:

1. CAPRA (Color: Black)

2IMG_3196 2

2. ORYC (Color: Whiskey Tortoise)


3. BUTEO (Color: Merlot)



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